In 2010 the UK government recognized that measuring the economy is not sufficient to measure progress, it must also look at wellbeing. The Health and Safety Executive reported an increase in stress and depression as a result of these challenging times. Perhaps this is your experience, and you want to regain your balance? Or you maybe flourishing in the changing and wondering how to improve your ability to adapt?

I found myself in challenging times a few years ago, and I found that simply talking to doctors or therapists to get help was not enough to enable me to recover. Instead, I found I needed to access specialists, read and research extensively and find what worked for me. This took a lengthy period of time, and made me realise how difficult it is to find your way through the jungle of often conflicting advice. My well being coaching is designed to help you work through; your sense of purpose and security, physical and mental health, sense of achievement and standard of living, of purpose in your current environment. To help you assess what is out of balance and support you in finding your way through the jungle.

Wellbeing is often something we take for granted until for some reason we realise we are out of balance. That can mean we cannot sleep properly, putting on weight, we’ve become snappy, withdrawn, maybe more serious health problems are starting to materialize.

The key area for preventing health problems are maintaining well being but are more key if you lose balance is:

  • Sleep hygiene
  • Understanding what you are eating now and what changes you need to make
  • Monitoring key health indicators such as blood pressure, weight
  • Finding out if there are underlying issues for well being concerns such as hormone imbalance
  • Exercise that you can work into your schedule
  • Approaches for giving yourself a break from stresses, such as meditation, and mindfulness approaches
  • Learning how to look after yourself as often we are better at looking after others
  • Ensuring we have positive relationships in our lives where we feel valued and part of a community
  • A sense of meaning and of purpose
  • Feeling safe in our relationships and our work
  • Having the resources that we need to achieve our goals

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