Critical incident stress management (CISM) training enables an organisation to provide a range of crisis services to enable an organisation to handle a critical incident. Incidents can range from violent acts, to accidents, to any incident that causes a strong stress reaction that people find disabling. Stress has a major impact on individual and team performance, mitigating the impact of incidents supports the bottom line. Individuals differ enormously in how much stress they feel and what can cause that stress. This course is for anyone wanting to ensure that they have the skills in their organisation to cover incidents for individuals and groups whatever the impact of the incident. The training involve pre-crisis training to know how to handle an incident, to providing group or individual debriefing post incident.

The course covers

  • Background to CISM

  • Identifying appropriate CISM resources in the organisation

  • Identifying what constitutes a critical incident

  • Stress management and resilience techniques

  • Skills to handle debriefing an incident

  • How to find other support when the reaction to an incident goes beyond the skills of an initial debriefing

Who is it for

  • Those responsible for welfare and well being

  • Those interested in supporting good mental health in an organisation

  • Those organisations that deal with incidents on a regular basis

  • Organisations that have a safety culture and want to improve the skills in their organisation if an accident occurs