Holistic coaching works in 4 domains body, mind, emotion and spirit (a purpose contributing to something greater).  Wellbeing is dependent on those domains working together in the same direction to sustainably meet  you goals and improving your wellbeing.  A holistic coach is your cheerleader, educator, guide, critical friend, who helps you identify and develop the things that hold you back, so you lead the life you deserve.

  • Mindful Transitions: Cultivating Wellbeing at Every Step

  • New Beginnings – a 90-day reboot programme to boost your energy and joy in life

  • Thriving Leaders: Transform Stress, Ignite Energy in 90 Days – Option  to complete CMI Award at level 7.

  • Bespoke coaching programmes

To see if we are a good fit the please book a 30 minute free call with me. I coach both individuals and groups. Individual sessions are usually 2 hours but can be negotiated. Group coaching can be between 3 to 5 hours depending on team size and requirements.

Why use my Services

  • Safe pair of hands – I have been developing people for over 20 years, researched and on the back of that implemented a proven approach to leadership development and organizational change.

  • Outcome Focused – My ambition is to support your ambitions, to develop you as an exemplar in your field.

  • Flexible – I work to ensure you are able to be flexible in this increasingly uncertain and complex world and well as being flexible in how we work together.

  • Robust Approach – You cannot manage or lead effectively if you do not know how to engage, influence and motivate others. This area was a key part of my research.

  • Engagement orientated – To ensure your robustness and resilience I work at an intellectual, physical, emotional and mental level. Trust has to be the basis of our relationships so I can help you be your best self.

Jane is an amazing people developer. Jane strives to bring out the best in people both personally and as a leader. She has encouraged me to embrace my strengths, learn from my mistakes and celebrate my achievements. Jane has an ability to build great relationships first on an emotional level and second on an intellectual level quickly earning trust from others. Jane displays a high level of emotional intelligence and genuinely cares about the people she is working with. Jane is able to bring out the best in others and has a natural ability to push others towards a positive and common goal. Jane adjust herself accordingly to each individual to help them flourish. Whenever I spend time with Jane I always leave feeling remarkably inspired.

Jane will take you on a journey that will change your perspectives on self and leadership; it will be insightful, it will be challenging but you will learn so much – your part is to listen, be inquisitive and invest time and energy to learn. Hers is to bring the wealth of experience to guide you through that journey. After 30 years in the military, you would have thought I knew a bit about myself and leadership…. it was evident that I had only scratched the surface. After 2 years of her support, guidance and mentoring, I am a much better version of me because I understand more; about myself, others and the world in which I operate. I will always be indebted to Jane.

I am here to help you

Get in touch with me today and let’s start the journey together.  If you want further information about the general coaching programmes please see the attached coaching brochure 2

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