Preparing to develop yourself

The first questions you will always be asked are what you want to develop and why? That may not be totally clear at the beginning so think about that before you have your first conversation and be comfortable it might change as you proceed. My role is to help you on the journey to understand what to expect and provide tools, and support as you go. The diagram below will give you some insight as to what the development journey t is about. A development journey is not just about learning new theory or models and applying them. It is about learning the skills, attitudes and behaviours that enable people to do a good job from a management perspective, or to empower people to make sustainable change if we are talking about developing as a leader. Where are you on the journey and what support might that mean you need?

From Expert – Manager – Leader

Most leadership positions involve some management, most management positions involve ideally some leadership. Managers will be more focused on delivering the vision and strategy for what ever they are in charge of, whereas leadership needs to embrace vision that mobilises the organisational system. Research from Torbert suggested only 20% of people in leadership roles actually have a leadership mindset. My own research also found that few people have experienced great management either.

Part of the issue is that many people don’t see many role models of great leadership or management. Organisational cultures are often heavily biased towards management and focus on delivery, making it difficult to actually lead when all the measures are management orientated.

So to move from expert to manager to leader you need a strong vision for yourself. Otherwise the culture, and everyday challenges are likely to drag you back to business as usual. What is your vision for yourself? What do you want others to say about you? What do you want to influence? How do things need to change?

I am here to help you

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